A 6-Minute Video of Our Trip to Burma “On the Road to Mandalay”



angon, Myanmar – Old travelling friends, Pam, Ken and Juanita join me for a 10-day adventure into unknown territory full of mystery and romance in a country we knew for so many years as Burma.

Excitement of being in a new city, a new country, had us out of bed and walking miles for our first up-close glimpse of the Schwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, the most sacred of all shrines for the local people of Myanmar.  Alarms set for six and on the road by seven to beat the heat of the day, and back for breakfast by nine.

Excitement was the also the driver for our return visit in the late afternoon to watch the sun set and change the colour on the sixty tons of glistening pure gold covering the ‘bell’ of the main stupa. After nightfall, again we return to the Governor’s Residence hotel, this time for dinner outdoors under the trees in the garden.

As the sun rises, we are “In the Air to Mandalay’, and on to Heho Airport, the gateway to the Shan State.  It’s a slow drive over paved but bumpy and twisting roads passing bullock carts of hay and trotting horse and carts to reach Nyaungshwe, the jetty-village for Inle Lake. At 3,000 feet, this is so much cooler than sweltering Yangon.

This short video illustrates our journey including 3-nights on the Orient-Express ‘Road to Mandalay’ river cruiser gliding down the mighty Irrawaddy River between Mandalay and Bagan, where

we see the remains of Buddhist pagodas and monasteries from the first Myanmar Kingdom of the 9th century AD scattered across a vast arid plain, positively exuding antiquity and mystery.

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  • Billy McB

    “As usual a fantastic travel post from the Burma travels, thank you for sharing. We are off to Aspen for our last week of skiing and then in May, Paris, Lyon and Classical Provence, Nimes, Avignon, Vaison-La- Romaine, etc,etc.”

  • John E

    hi, Mr. M,

    i am amazed with some new piece of work you made. Also, unbelievable, your blog become so professional…it is like a travel magazine to me with lots of memorable shows…..i simply wonder how much better if more and more people saw and share this ?

  • James McK

    Thankyou Michael,it was terrific and saves me travelling there. Now waiting for your Africa,Lebanon etc…

  • John H-M

    I have just finished viewing your videos of Burma. . .  You are getting better and better at it, may I say. I found viewing compulsive. You are a sure adventurer. Cardinale

  • James N C

    Thanks for sharing your video…beautiful!…now I definitely want to visit the country where I was born…

  • Hilary

    Hi Michael, not sure whether you received my email thanking you for this
    amazing clip, when are you moving to Hollywood?  We in Malua Bay for 3
    nights, back nextg week, love from us both, Hxx

  • Tony and Ruth

    Hey Mick,

    An interesting review of a newsworthy country. Thank you for sharing your images and rare footage. Ruth thinks you look totally in charge in that cool hat.

    – your (increasingly) older brother, Tony

  • godspeed18

    i miss home now! great pics..hope you enjoyed your visit there!

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